February 5 2015

Our tribute to love features Stool Samples by Sallie Downing with Mark Naggi and Sallie Downing. In Aphrodite Meets a Hooker, the goddess of love, played by Sallie Downing hooks up with street walker Mary Gerlt. Rohn Dennis plays cooking hostess, Inez Kokoruda in After the Show. Rohn Dennis is on board to offer support to a frustrated Cupid, played by Bill Clause in Valentine Help Line by Rozanne Devine. In The Way Way to a Man’s Heart by Rohn Dennis, teenagers Rozanne, Sallie and Mary sample fragrances. And the same three ladies wax poetic over Amalgamated’s Fukishima Lubricant. Senior Love by Bill Clause features Bill and Bozanne as a senior couple embarking on a night out.


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