November 5, 2015, Shots in the Night ~ KKFI 90.1

Coming to you LIVE from the studios of KKFI Community radio in mid-town Kansas City – it’s time for Shots in the Night Radio Theater – the Live Edition!

Tonight, we will present issues of the day, including a visit by a popular politician, discussions with experts in the field of health care and the economy, as well as a preview of the holiday season. I’m Sallie Downing your hostess for the evening.

“Chicken” was written by Mary L. Wilkens. Angela was played by Rozanne Devine. Bailey was played by Rohn Dennis, and I’m John Campbell, Narrator and…the new guy.

The Orville T. Flushbottem skit is a creation of Rohn Dennis, and was played by Mr. Dennis. He was interviewed by Mark Naggi

The Dr. Fred Ferguson interview was written by Dane Zeller, played by Ralph Tomlinson and interviewed by Sallie Downing.

The Vinegar Bill was created by Dane Zeller, and Congressman Zortgart was played by Dane. Interviewer was Rozanne Devine

Tonight’s musical guest is Chip Martin, also known as Martin Tomlinson in the real world realm…He’s playing an original ditty

The Thanksgiving Hunters, by Scott D. Vroegindewey. The Dad was played by Scott D. Vroegindewey, Tom was played by Mark Naggi, and Mom was played by Sallie Downing.

I like to remind our audience of our Christmas Show coming up December 3rd. To get you in the mood for the season, let’s listen to Rosanne Devine tell us about the two theories of tree decorations in her original piece, Dad and the Christmas Tree

Christmas Show Announcement – Annual Lamplighter Parade Preview by Mark Naggi. Tune in Dec 3rd at 7:30pm.

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