September 29, 2016

Welcome to tonight’s politics show. Tonight’s show features:

  • Orville T. Flushbottom by Rohn Dennis, featuring Rohn Dennis, Scott Turner, Mary Gerlt, Mark Naggi, Ralph Tomlinson and Dane Zeller
  • Shining City on the Hill by Bill Clause performed by Bill Clause
  • Flipping the Switch by Sallie Downing featuring Sallie Downing and Mary Gerlt
  • Advertising Battle by Dan Zeller featuring Ralph Tomlinson Scott Turner and Rohn Dennis
  • Canadians by Jim Arndt featuring Scott Turner, Mary Wilkens and Bill Clause
  • HIL-9000 by Scott Vroegindewey featuring Rohn Dennis, Mary Gerlt and Mary Wilkens
  • Amalgamated by Mark Naggi featuring Mark Naggi
  • God Sets the Record Straight by Mark Naggi featuring Ralph Tomlinson, Bill Clause and Rozanne Devine
  • Der Crazy Candidate by Ralph Tomlinson featuring Mary Gerlt and Ralph Tomlinson
  • Fred Thompson Reverse Mortgage by Bill Clause featuring Scott Turner
  • 3rd Degree by Bill Clause featuring Rohn Dennis, Scott Turner and Mary Wilkens
  • Zelda by Mary Gerlt featuring Mary Gerlt
  • Ghosts by Jim Arndt featuring Mary Wilkens and Mark Naggi

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