July 6, 2017

The Secret Map or If you can’t have a mellow Christmas, at least have a mellow drama.

A broad comedy complete with a hero, a heroine, a villain, and a not-too-bright sidekick. Where is the secret map hidden? Will Molly be thrown out in the snow with her young child for not paying her rent?

What dark deed dwells in the dank, dark dungeon of the heart of Lucas Pennybinder?

Written by Bill Clause

  • Sallie Downing
  • Rohn Dennis
  • Mary Gerlt
  • Mark Naggi
  • Bill Clause

Sound effects provided by Sound Bible.

Music provided by Incompetech.

“Hearts and Flowers” composed by Theodore Moses-Tobani published in 1893 by Fisher Music).

If you like this melodrama, first broadcast in January, 2016, please let us know and we’ll write another.

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