August 31 ~ Science Fiction

Shots In The Night welcomes you to an hour long show devoted to Science Fiction.  There are  throw-backs to the “big bug” monster movies of the 50’s, a (sort of) bedtime story based on Cinderella (sort of), deep thoughts from our resident philosopher, advice on keeping appointments straight when time traveling, the dangers of nuclear farming, a glimpse of how “auto” maintenance and radio will evolve in the distant future, and a feature on the perils of inter-generational travel in deep space.  And it is all written, performed and produced by Kansas City’s #1, longest running, radio theatre group, Shots In The Night.

Enjoy!  And, please, provide feedback.  We enjoy hearing from you!  It can only help us get better — if that’s possible!  (Well, yes, it is possible. VERY possible!)

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