April 2, 2015 Radio Show

Less than two weeks ago we lost one of our own, our friend Emmie at the much too young age of 42. Emmie had been with Shots in the Night for over 4 years and had led the group through some tough times. She was a tremendous positive force in the community, volunteering hundreds of hours for various organizations, including the Fringe Festival and KKFI. She wrote dozens of scripts for this radio program, she was a talented writer and performer with a sharp sense of humor and a great smile. We will miss her very much.

In some future shows we will include some of Emmie’s best scripts and performances and we dedicate tonight’s show to Emmie’s memory.

Tonight we explore the subject of “aliens”, our stories include: Sallie and the Foley Board by Sallie Downing, Spacey by Mary L. Wilkens, and then Unknown Consequence or They Never Came Back by Rohn Dennis. So sit back and enjoy!

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