September 3, 2015, Shots in the Night ~ KKFI 90.1

Good Evening Friends – From Kansas City, it’s time for Shots in the Night Radio Theater. Tonight’s show is sponsored by Amalgamated Industrial Food and Rubber Incorporated. On the show tonight we’ll be featuring the talents of Rohn Dennis, Rosanne Devine, Mary Gerlt, Mark Naggi, Martin Tomlinson, Ralph Tomlinson, Mary L. Wilkens, and yours truly Sallie Downing. Our musical guest this evening is Martin Tomlinson. And now without further ado…Shots in the Night.

Music: April Showers

Show Credits:


A Dinner-Time Story
By Dane Zeller

Bob – Ralph Tomlinson
Sally – Mary L. Wilkens
Sound Effects by IDDP, Sallie Downing

The (Fairy) Godmother
By Scott D. Vroegindewey and Friends

Cast: In Order of Appearance
Man#1 and Ken – Ralph Tomlinson
Fairy Godmother – Mary Gerlt
Tom Hogan – Rohn Dennis
Jack Walz – Mark Naggi
Michelle – Sallie Downing
Cop – Martin Tomlinson

Music: Sonatina, Op 208 No. 1 by Jacob Schmitt, played by Sallie

Sound Effects by IDDP, Sallie Downing

Barbie on Preservation
By Roseanne Devine

Barbie – Roseanne Devine
Valeria Lukyanova – Mary Gerlt
Amalgamated Industrial Food & Rubber Spokesman: Mark Naggi
Jingle: Sallie Downing

Music: Little Idea

Worthless as a Beanie Baby
Written and Performed by Martin Tomlinson

Life with Lucybelle
Written and Performed by Sallie Downing

Music: Tate Peterson, “Ragtime”

Do You Love Me?
By Dane Zeller

She: Rosanne Devine
Bill: Rohn Dennis

Music: Golly Gee

Ceremonial (2015 rewrite)
By Bill Clause

Maude: Roseanne Devine
Agnes: Mary L. Wilkens

Music: “Saying Goodbye in the Rain” – Jelsonic

Well, that’s the show folks! I’m Sallie Downing signing off for Shots in the Night Radio Theater on KKFI 90.1 FM Kansas City’s Community Radio. For a full list of cast, writing, and musical credits and a transcript of the show, please visit! Don’t forget to tune in next month for our regular performance on October 6th. Then tune in again for our hour long Halloween Special on October 29th! Now, Stay tuned for more of the Thursday night Showcase followed by Under the Radar with Shots in the Night friend John Todd! Goodnight folks, and thanks for listening!

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