Scott D. Vroegindewey

Early in the meadow is what Scott D. Vroegindewey’s Dutch last name means, and perhaps, that is where he gets his inspiration for his stories:  The serenity found in a pasture.  Scott also draws his influence from his lifetime love affair with the radio medium, particularly old time radio, because he appreciates allowing listeners using their vivid imaginations.

Scott’s auspicious start on radio began when he was only six years old and was interviewed on Kalamazoo, Mich.’s WKZO.  Since then he has been on KFRU in Columbia, Mo., was an “audio reader” and disc jockey on KCSR-FM in Kansas City, Mo. and KKFI-FM, also in Kansas City.

This is Scott’s second attempt participating with the Shots in the Night troupe, being one of the original cast members from back in the day.  He believes his talent is best served by writing scripts, but the ham in him might find him dabbling in minor roles behind a microphone.  Professionally, Scott is tireless case manager for people with disabilities for The Whole Person, and Shots in the Night lets him release his creative juices, as he can be serious or as silly as he desires, although Scott prefers his writing style be classified as sardonic.  Scott is pleased to return with such a group of talented individuals.

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