Bill Clause

bill_clauseBill Clause was born on a dark and stormy night.  Given such a dramatic entrance, it is not surprising that Bill has spent much of his life on stage.  Although he never quit his day job,  Bill has four decades part-time experience as a writer, producer, and actor for seat-of-your-pants DIY community theater. His productions have appeared at the Foolkiller theatre, the Unicorn theatre, Penn Valley Community College theatre, Just Off Broadway theater, the KC Fringe Festival, in front of an old barn, on a RR car flatbed and in the back of a pickup truck.  His favorite show was “1937: One Hell of a Year”, done as a fundraiser for KKFI community radio.  Bill appreciates the challenge of writing scripts for Shots in the Night, as radio scripts are written for ears, unlike stage plays which are written for eyes.

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