Sallie Downing

sallieSallie Downing is a professional actress who has been telling stories for a long time. Sallie hails from Kansas City, MO but spent much of her childhood days in rural Oklahoma and southern Missouri on her grandma’s farm without electricity or plumbing. Summers were spent in reading and manual labor in the gardens. One summer, granny won three big boxes of books at an auction – many Louis L’amour westerns, romance fiction, text books and teaching manuals. Sallie read every one of those books, most of them aloud. With a vibrant imagination, Sallie and her granny spent hours entertaining each other with books, playing poker and telling stories.

Today, Sallie delights and captivates audiences by bringing to life the characters and stories you want to hear through Audiobooks. A natural for fiction, romance, adult fiction and suspense, she also breathes new life and interest into non-fiction and self-help genres.

She fell from the earth, she fell very far. And Kansas, she says, is the name of the star. – the Munchkins

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